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Play your Song free on-Air

Posted 3/6/2012

Are you a talented Lebanese artist,musician,band or poet ? send us your song(s) by e-mail and have it played on our airwaves. Only creative non-commercial songs made by Lebanese bands will be accepted to be  a shining exception to our normal oldies music programming. if you consider yourself or band to be as rare and talented as let`s say for example...Tanya Saleh , Yasmin Hamdan , Maan Hamade , Zein Hamdan ,Meen ,Soap kills ,Akess E l Seir , Mashrou3 Leila are always the pride of our country and are the most welcome to be on-air.

Are you an artist or a musician?

Cedars Radio would be pleased to play your songs on its airwaves and available streams.All you will have to do is to get in touch with us and send us your creative songs. A jury of volunteers musicians will decide(confidentially) if the song can be played on Cedars Radio or not.


Do you have a Lebanese product that you want to promote?

As you are supporting us with your donations , we are also supporting Lebanese business owners to promote their products and services by giving them the chance to advertise their products/services on Cedars Radio for a symbolic spot/price  as low as 0.25$ for each broadcasted spot.